Linux and Open Source Migration

TCL is migrating its computing systems to use the Linux operating system and open source programs for productivity.

There are a number of implications of this:
1 - TCL will be increasingly using Libre Office for the creation of documents, spreadsheets and databases.
2 - TCL may not be updating its current Microsoft products and therefore possibly unable to read or manipulate future files based on Microsoft products (although Libre Office includes fully functioning filters and conversion tools).
3 - TCL is likely to distribute documents using 'open' formats. These files are viewable and editable with a wide range of software.

The reasons for this, seemingly, radical change may be summarised as follows.
1 - The stability and speed of Linux packages is superior (TCL uses the Ubuntu package).
2 - TCL rarely uses the full power and features of Microsoft and other commercial products thus offering TCL poor value for money.
3 - The range of new and innovative software offered under the GNU license is outstanding and conducive with the products of TCL.

If you are interested in learning more about Linux, Open Source software and other issues then feel free to call or email.

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